Full Stack Web Developer

  I've always had a passion for craftsmanship and my attention to detail, willingness to learn and perseverance have allowed me to succeed in my different careers. I have always enjoyed team-working and I am excited about further collaboration in the future.

  I attended Le Wagon London, a 9-week intensive coding bootcamp learning Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, git, GitHub, Heroku and Bootstrap. Where we designed, implemented and shipped to production a clone of AirBnB and a Rails prototype of larder.herokuapp.com

  Since I completed the course I've been practising my developer skills by adding more features to the projects I built during the bootcamp with a focus on becoming fluent with Ruby and learning more JavaScript and React.

Le Wagon recruited me as a teaching assistant and I have been returning regularly to help current students.

I like to keep challenging myself to become a more fluent developer, I'm currently working my way through exercism.io and codewars.com problems, my solutions can be found here: github.com/niam0r/exercism and there: github.com/niam0r/codewars

My latest project: Goodreads user's quotes scraper and API source code: Github

For a full list of my projects have a look here or on my Github